As the end of the year approaches, families in Tomball, TX, are scrambling to meet all their holiday obligations. You are undoubtedly very busy this season, from work, church, and family gatherings to finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

In addition, the end of the year allows you to evaluate aspects of your life and determine where changes may be necessary. Your home and property are constantly in need of upkeep and updating. This is an excellent time to list what needs to be repaired or replaced in the coming year.

Your fence is one of those areas of your property that is far too easy to overlook. You may have noticed that the fencing is showing signs of wear.

Perhaps it is aging or damaged by a fallen limb or a roguish child’s toy. Regardless, you may have noticed that it requires your attention sooner rather than later.

Your fence may be in such bad condition that you’re reminded of its need for repair every time you see it. It could have been installed many years ago, possibly even before you moved into your Tomball, TX home. You’re now wondering if it can even be repaired.

As you start filling out your maintenance checklist for the new year, it will be useful to know whether your fence can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

This guide will help you in answering that question and moving forward.

How to Determine if Fence Needs Attention

Is your fence in need of repair? Here are some signs that your fence needs to be repaired:

  • Your fence has holes in the bottoms or middle. 
  • Your fence posts or cross beams have holes. 
  • Your fence is stained with mold or mildew. 
  • Your fence has sawdust around the base of the posts. 
  • Your fence’s paint has faded or is chipping. 
  • Your fence’s gate never seems to close fully. 
  • Your fence is visibly damaged. 
  • Your fence is showing signs of wood rot and water damage.
  • Your pets are escaping from your fence. 
  • Your fence has limbs or trees encroaching on it. 
  • Your fence is leaning.
  • Your fence is sagging. 
  • Your fence is missing boards, panels, or chain links. 
  • Your fence is just not as pretty as it once was. 

These signs indicate that your fence requires attention sooner rather than later. Such issues will not resolve themselves. You may be able to do some of these repairs yourself, but the costs of doing them right will add up. Repairs may become even more expensive if you require professional assistance.

The question then becomes whether it is preferable to replace your fence.

How to Determine Whether Your Fence Needs Replacement

Fences are typically long-lasting. If properly maintained, they can have a long lifespan. However, just because a fence is repairable does not mean it should be repaired. Here are a few indicators that you should replace your fencing rather than repair it.

1) Your Fence Is Dilapidated

“Dilapidated” is a relative term, so what one person considers “dilapidated” may be considered a “fixer-upper” by another. However, if your fence has multiple issues from the list above, it may not be beyond repair, but you must consider whether replacing it would be a better value.

You might be able to paint, stain, replace boards, repair, and so on, but is it really worth it?

2) Your Fence Is Ugly

Perhaps your house came with an ugly fence, or your tastes have changed since you installed it, and it is now an eyesore. If you have an unsightly fence, it may be time to replace it, particularly if it requires repair.

3) Your Fence Has Wood Rot

If there are numerous rotted boards and/or posts, you may be able to replace each one and keep the fence; however, the cost of lumber and your labor and time should be considered when deciding whether the fence is worth repairing.

Replace your wood fence with aesthetically pleasing, low-cost vinyl fencing that will not rot in the future.

4) Your Fence Is Not the Material You Desire

Again, if your fence was already on your property when you bought it, or if your sensibilities or lifestyle have changed, you might not like the style or materials used to build it. You may find the need to restrain or paint your fence tedious season after season.

Before you spend money on costly repairs, consider whether it’s time to replace your fence with a more appropriate material for your lifestyle or style in general.

5) Your Fence Has Been Infested 

Suppose termites or other wood-destroying insects have infested your fence. In that case, you would likely be better off replacing it with a completely different material, such as ornamental steel or aluminum, than attempting to exterminate the pests and replacing each affected board.

6) Your Fence Has Been Severely Damaged

It may be necessary to completely replace fencing that has been severely damaged. This could be the best time to replace your fencing material. 

7) Your Fence Is Not Doing The Job

If your fencing is failing in keeping your pets in the yard, keeping people off your property, or protecting your property as you require, it may be time to replace it.

8) Your Fence Is Drawing Attention from the HOA

Do you get letters from your Homeowners Association regarding your fence? Does it no longer meet local regulations?

Rather than continuing to annoy the HOA, perhaps this is the year to install a new, beautiful fence.

9) Your Fence Is Hurting Your Property Value

You want your fence to increase the value of your home. However, it may lower your overall property value if it is unsightly, in disrepair, or requires extensive maintenance.

What to Do if Your Fence Needs Replacement

If you’ve decided you need a new fence for the new year, there are two important steps to take to ensure you get the best deal possible:

Choose the Right Material

You don’t want to be in this situation again in a few years. Select the right fence material:

  • Chain Link

Chain link is ideal for property owners who need to cover a large area with a long-lasting material but do not require an aesthetically pleasing option.

  • Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing is excellent for keeping livestock secure on your property.

  • PVC/Vinyl

Vinyl/PVC fencing is an incredibly durable, low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing solution. This material is frequently HOA-compliant and ideal for privacy, security, and pool protection.

  • Ornamental Steel/Aluminum

Ornamental steel is practical, low-maintenance, and beautiful. It is typically HOA-compliant and will not block your view.

  • Board-on-Board

Hiring a professional installation can help you have the lowest maintenance possible if you really want a board-on-board fence.

Choose the Right Fence Repair and Replacement Company

When installing a new fence, you want to work with a company you can rely on. Our fence company has years of experience repairing and replacing fences in Tomball and the surrounding areas.

We take care of every task as if it were our own and every customer as if they were a friend.

Contact our expert team today if you need fence repair or replacement in Tomball.